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Adapting to Distance Learning

Adapting to Distance Learning

We all know it, we are living in some crazy times! Counting down the last few days of summer leaves many of us wondering, what are we going to do with our kids when school begins?  The Palm Beach County School Board delayed the start date of school and is now beginning on Aug 31st (previously Aug 10th).  But, this year will begin with Distance Learning once again - which means many parents are left with their hands tied behind their back.  There are jobs out there that are thankfully accommodating and helping parents by letting them work from home; however, there are many jobs as well that just can not do that.  If you have a family member that works from home, that can also be a good solution, but are they really up for the task of supervising school work and hours?  This year will be different from the Distance Learning that was done in the previous school year when COVID-19 closures and quarantining were taking place.  Kids will be on a stricter "must follow" schedule, and there won't be much flexibility from the school.  It is recommended that parents seek out alternatives such as schools, academies, or other businesses who are adapting to help those in need.  Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts will supervise kids this upcoming school year and have experienced teachers on staff.  There will be a very limited number of kids to ensure safety and success.  Wifi will be provided, kids will have their own tables and P.E. class will be done in house.  There will be an application process, which will launch on August 11th.  

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