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  • We are moving!

    We are moving!

    PBGMA is excited to announce it's move from our current location to a 7200sqft facility! The new academy is located in Lake Park just one mile away from our current location. The new location will have more than double the mat space for Jiu-Jitsu classes, a designated Muay Thai & boxing training area, Strength & Conditioning area with turf, afterschool activities room for the children, shower, changing room, lounge for the parents and more! This means more classes and programs for everyone. Stay tuned for our official move date, updated schedules and grand opening date which will have amazing seminar and graduation for our students! ....

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  • Parents should parent; not ask!

    Parents should parent; not ask!

    In today’s society, many children have been given the role of decision making on big decisions that will impact them and their future.From what they eat, to what they do, there are many things today that parent’s have lost disciplining too, and it can have a negative long term effect in the long run for their children. It all stems from the common mistake of asking your child what they want, rather you enforcing what is best. For example; is your child a picky eater?A child becomes a picky eater because either the parent failed to introduce/enforce certain types of foods early on or because it was easier to feed them what they thought they’d like, or what was easy to ....

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  • Returning back to BJJ during the pandemic

    Returning back to your BJJ training during the pandemic We all ask ourselves the same question: “When is it safe to come back”? Returning back to your BJJ training can be just as scary as returning to train after an injury has healed; you will always initially have some level of fear and caution, but once you return slowly, the fear begins to dissipate and the confidence to resume training returns. All students who return to train have signed a new special waiver which audits the individual to ensure the person has no symptoms; has not traveled outside the U.S. or within the U.S. without quarantining, and other important prerequisites needed to return. The academy has ....

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  • The real anti-bully

    The real anti-bully

    In a time where tablets and devices are king for our new generation, it is critical to note its impact along with the lack of self esteem that many children have today. Self esteem is rooted from not only self-respect, but also having confidence in one own’s abilities, talents and self worth. There is wave of social media outbursts and posts on anti-bullying; but we are focusing so much on the consequence, and not on the cause. Many parents decide to enroll their children in martial arts as a remedy to combat bullying, but the truth is that martial arts training for children should be a preventative measure and activity to help build their self esteem and self respect. Today, many ....

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  • PBGMA now offering Portuguese Lessons

    PBGMA now offering Portuguese Lessons

    It was a hit in our summer camp the last few years, and now we are bringing this our students, and non-students! Learning a foreign language is a blessing and a very valuable asset to have, not only for your career, but for expanding your cultural experiences. PBGMA will focus on teaching Portuguese for various purposes which include: Portuguese for Jiu-Jitsu; Conversational; Reading and Writing; Business; and much more. Classes will be offered to children and adults, and can be 1 on 1 or in small group settings. Learning a new language is extremely beneficial. It boosts brain power, improves memory, enhances your ability to multi-task, sharpens your mind, enhances decision making, ....

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  • Why Jiu-Jitsu is a Great After School Activity for your Child

    Why Jiu-Jitsu is a Great After School Activity for your Child

    Many parents search for the right activity to enroll their child in after school. School is back in session in just one month. Jiu-Jitsu has such amazing benefits that can help your child grow into a disciplined, active, happy and respectful person. BENEFITS: > Learn self-defense > Build confidence to approach life situations that they are faced with daily (bullying; dealing with peers; etc) > Improve self-esteem and self-worth > Take focus off technology and get physically active and in shape > Meet life long friends (Many students who train Jiu-Jitsu hang out together off the mat) > Learn to embrace challenges > Learn to respect themselves and others ....

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  • The importance of "mat time" in your BJJ progression

    The importance of "mat time" in your BJJ progression

    Time on your belt is not as important as time on the mat. Many students’ eyes shine with the hopes of moving up on their jiu-jitsu ladder, whether it be earning a world title; a gold medal at a local tournament; excelling in their positions; earning their next stripe; or making that jump into their next belt. There is nothing more gratifying than being rewarded for your hard efforts. Earning your next belt is its own glory, and a very important milestone in your BJJ journey. For adults, there are only 4 belts before you receive the honor of being presented your black belt. It takes a very special type of person to continue and push through all the way. It is important to ....

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  • PBGMA brings home Brazilian National Title

    PBGMA brings home Brazilian National Title

    It was an awesome weekend at the Brazilian National Championship, held in Barueri (Brazil). After three great matches, professor Natasha Quiza de Almeida secured the gold medal after submitting her opponent in the finals with a triangle choke. Brazilian Nationals is hosted by CBJJ/IBJJF, and is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. ....

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  • PBGMA Summer Camp Dates Confirmed!

    PBGMA Summer Camp Dates Confirmed!

    We are excited to announce our Summer Camp dates for 2019!
    Camp will be held from June 10th - July 5th, for a month full of fun, training, field trips, games, and more.
    Pre-registration is open immediately, so reserve your spot today!
    Limited Spots Available. Stay tuned for field trip updates and list of activities coming to you soon!

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  • About Us

    About Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts was founded by Igor Almeida in 2011. With the dream of pursuing a career in mix martial arts fighting, Igor found yet another passion with a bigger cause which was passing down his knowledge and experience to his students. In 2012, Professor Igor met his wife Natasha Quiza Almeida who was pursuing her career in the competition scene of BJJ and also shared the same dream of changing people’s lives and passing down her learnings of martial arts. They decided to pursue their dream together and open up a new academy together, which they have home grown what is now the Palm Beach Garden’s Martial Arts (PBGMA) ....

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