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  • Kids BJJ Competition Team Ranked Top in Florida

    Kids BJJ Competition Team Ranked Top in Florida

    2023 Kids Competition Team Summary 2023 was an incredible year for our kid's jiu-jitsu competition team.This is a team of elite youth who have a very disciplined and structured setting designed to mold each child into the best person they can be both on and off the mats.This translated beautifully for our team in the tournament scene, placing in every single tournament we fought in.Many teams combine multiple schools together to use the power in numbers to assist in rankings and unite the schools as one.PBGMA managed to place minimum top 3 in every tournament this year, with our one and only location out of Lake Park Florida in Palm Beach.Below is a list of this year’s ....

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  • More wins for PBGMA!

    More wins for PBGMA!

    PBGMA's Elite competition team continues to shine in the competition scene, most recently earning 2nd place NO GI Title at JJWL (Jiu-Jitsu World League on May 20th, and 1st Place Crystal Cup Champions at Newbreed (NJJL) on June 24th. The latter was overall out of over 60 academies registered to compete. The team has been working very hard to push themselves daily both physically and mentally to achieve such outcomes. PBGMA is located in Lake Park, Florida where the humble academy has established an outstanding kid's team and program. The team focuses on not achieving success in the tournament, but on developing each and every child's strength's and weaknesses so that they take the lessons ....

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  • PBGMA earns Titles at Newbreed Treasure Coast Championship

    PBGMA earns Titles at Newbreed Treasure Coast Championship

    This past weekend, Palm Beach Gardens Martial Art's elite competitors showcased a beautiful display of technique, grit and heart at the Newbreed Treasure Coast Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Port St Lucie, Florida.The team showed superior skills and talent with many of the matches finishing instantly with submissions; and others by a large point surpass. The results speak for themselves with 27 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals. PBGMA not only earned the Youth Team Title (1 st Place), but also was awarded the Overall Team Title (1 st Place) out of a whopping 51 academies that were registered in the tournament.This is a very proud moment for PBGMA, as this is just a small ....

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  • PBGMA End of Year Awards 2022

    PBGMA End of Year Awards 2022

    This past weekend, PBGMA held it’s annual End of the Year Potluck party at Carlin Park, Jupiter Florida.With almost 300 attendees and a live band, it was by far one of the greatest parties we have done.Below are a list of the awards, and their respective winners: Student of the Year – Joseph Suarez Elite Warrior of the Year – Noah Caldwell Little Warrior of the Year – Ava Sundar PUMA Warrior of the Year – Thomas Bongiovanni Competitor of the Year – Grayson Tripp Most Improved -Hunter Thompson; Tristan Boerean; Joshua Alvarez; Leah Borno Sportsmanship – Maximus Grimaldi; Eva Cancino; Sasha Tabasinske ....

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  • PBGMA Makes Noise at South Florida Championship (Newbreed)

    PBGMA Makes Noise at South Florida Championship (Newbreed)

    This past weekend, PBGMA's Elite Competition Team went in with a mission to dominate. The team came back with 28 medals, with several students bringing Double Gold, which is a major accomplishment in any tournament. Many of the matches were ended by submission. Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts (PBGMA) placed 5th overall as a team out of 52 academies that were registered at the tournament; and this was accomplished with only 20 of our students. Parents from other academies approached our coaching staff with intentions of wanting to bring their children to our team, and even considered moving to a different city to do so. This was a beautiful weekend. Mission accomplished! ....

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  • Elite Warriors Competition Team Shining!

    Elite Warriors Competition Team Shining!

    This Saturday, November 5th, our Elite Warriors Competition Team will be fighting the Newbreed South Florida Championship. Our kids team of over 20 competitors has prepared the last few months for this upcoming tournament. We also welcome new members into the team for the 2022-2023 season! Most recently in July of this year, a select few of our competitors were chosen to compete in the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Pan Kids Championship in Orlando, Florida. This was the first time our kids team had made an appearance at such a high level tournament. We returned with two of them on the podium earning them a Bronze medal; which is a very big and special accomplishment. ....

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  • We are moving!

    We are moving!

    PBGMA is excited to announce it's move from our current location to a 7200sqft facility! The new academy is located in Lake Park just one mile away from our current location. The new location will have more than double the mat space for Jiu-Jitsu classes, a designated Muay Thai & boxing training area, Strength & Conditioning area with turf, afterschool activities room for the children, shower, changing room, lounge for the parents and more! This means more classes and programs for everyone. Stay tuned for our official move date, updated schedules and grand opening date which will have amazing seminar and graduation for our students! ....

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  • Parents should parent; not ask!

    Parents should parent; not ask!

    In today’s society, many children have been given the role of decision making on big decisions that will impact them and their future.From what they eat, to what they do, there are many things today that parent’s have lost disciplining too, and it can have a negative long term effect in the long run for their children. It all stems from the common mistake of asking your child what they want, rather you enforcing what is best. For example; is your child a picky eater?A child becomes a picky eater because either the parent failed to introduce/enforce certain types of foods early on or because it was easier to feed them what they thought they’d like, or what was easy to ....

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  • Returning back to BJJ during the pandemic

    Returning back to your BJJ training during the pandemic We all ask ourselves the same question: “When is it safe to come back”? Returning back to your BJJ training can be just as scary as returning to train after an injury has healed; you will always initially have some level of fear and caution, but once you return slowly, the fear begins to dissipate and the confidence to resume training returns. All students who return to train have signed a new special waiver which audits the individual to ensure the person has no symptoms; has not traveled outside the U.S. or within the U.S. without quarantining, and other important prerequisites needed to return. The academy has ....

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  • The real anti-bully

    The real anti-bully

    In a time where tablets and devices are king for our new generation, it is critical to note its impact along with the lack of self esteem that many children have today. Self esteem is rooted from not only self-respect, but also having confidence in one own’s abilities, talents and self worth. There is wave of social media outbursts and posts on anti-bullying; but we are focusing so much on the consequence, and not on the cause. Many parents decide to enroll their children in martial arts as a remedy to combat bullying, but the truth is that martial arts training for children should be a preventative measure and activity to help build their self esteem and self respect. Today, many ....

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