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Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts Yoga Classes

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Slow It Down And Master The World Of Budokon Yoga Today!

At Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts, we're here to help you take a step back from the rigors of your workout routine. Our Yoga classes give you the chance to relax and restore with the world of Budokon Yoga. 

This class is perfect for people all across North Palm Beach. No prior experience is required. 

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What Makes Our Yoga Classes Right For You? 

Budokon Yoga is a dynamic system that combines the best aspects of Yoga, Martial Arts, calisthenics, and strength training. This discipline unites the ancient world of modern mixed movement and is adapted to work for people of all fitness levels.

At Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts, we're giving you the chance to enjoy total-body success AND mental clarity in no time. 

Come see us in Palm Beach today for:

  • Improved mobility and flexibility 
  • Total-body strength training
  • Daily stress reduction and improved focus
  • A safe, supportive environment

Meet Our Yoga Instructor: Andres Cancino

Andres is an Electrical Engineer that began his yoga practice in 2009 when he was introduced to BIKRAM yoga. At the time he had a lot of questions, doubts and insecurities but a busy and demanding job made it easy to not pay attention.

With fitness in mind his frequency of yoga practice increased and in 2014 he switched from a studio-based practice to a home practice which allowed him to explore introspection.

In 2017 he felt the need to understand yoga better, he also felt the need to share his practice with the loved ones around him so he set himself on a search to find a teacher and that led him to BUDOKON.

In March 2018 he attended the BUDOKON 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, with Cameron and Melayne Shayne, at the BUDOKON University in Miami and received his certification on June 2018.

Join Us Today For Professional Yoga Classes Right Here In Palm Beach

It doesn't matter if you're completely new to Yoga and the martial arts or you've been training for years. At Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts, we welcome people all across the community to join us and take on a total-body challenge.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about everything we have to offer here in North Palm Beach.

Join us at Palm Beach Gardens Martial Arts for the Best Martial Arts Training in Town!

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