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The importance of "mat time" in your BJJ progression

The importance of "mat time" in your BJJ progression

Time on your belt is not as important as time on the mat.  Many students’ eyes shine with the hopes of moving up on their jiu-jitsu ladder, whether it be earning a world title; a gold medal at a local tournament; excelling in their positions; earning their next stripe; or making that jump into their next belt.  There is nothing more gratifying than being rewarded for your hard efforts.  Earning your next belt is its own glory, and a very important milestone in your BJJ journey.  For adults, there are only 4 belts before you receive the honor of being presented your black belt.  It takes a very special type of person to continue and push through all the way.  It is important to remember that during the journey, you will experience many hardships, in and out of training.  Sometimes, it can be an injury that sets you back;  A tight work schedule; lack of funds, running around with the kids; chores… They are all purposely put in our path to test our resilience and show us what we are made of.  Your journey is as high of a priority as you put it.  Think about where you have placed your journey on your priority list.  You are the only person who has the power to place it at the top of your list.  Show up to class.  Put in the mat time.  There is no replacement to what putting in the mat time does for your jiu-jitsu.  Make it happen, and you will see yourself progressing faster than you ever imagined. 

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