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The real anti-bully

The real anti-bully

In a time where tablets and devices are king for our new generation, it is critical to note its impact along with the lack of self esteem that many children have today.  Self esteem is rooted from not only self-respect, but also having confidence in one own’s abilities, talents and self worth.  There is wave of social media outbursts and posts on anti-bullying; but we are focusing so much on the consequence, and not on the cause.  Many parents decide to enroll their children in martial arts as a remedy to combat bullying, but the truth is that martial arts training for children should be a preventative measure and activity to help build their self esteem and self respect.  Today, many if not most children are already taking swimming lessons by the age of four.  This is critical to their safety and a basic human survival skill that all parents want their children to know.  The same consideration should be taken when deciding to enroll their child in an activity; or deciding to hand a child a tablet or device for an hour at home to keep busy.  The benefits that are reaped from having your child train martial arts are lifelong.  Not only do they become more physically active and in shape; but they are challenged; begin to understand self respect and self worth – as well as respect for others.  Their confidence and demeanor will most definitely be an excellent tool against today’s bully.  Martial arts training is your true anti-bully!

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